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ProFlex 400W Softcase Kit


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ProFlex 400W, Bi-Color Kit.(w/ softcase)

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  • As the name is derived from one of its key features, ProFlex can be folded without any effor and so be easily attached or hung almost anywhere, enabling professional film crew to have a new dimension of a lighting experience.

  • Poids (kg) 0,24
    Angle d’ouverture 140°
    Source Ultra High CRI LED(400W)
    Dimensions en mm 860x900
    CRI/CQS jusqu'à 97
    Température de couleur 2800-6500K
    Alimentation 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    Compatible RDM  DMX setup, hour counter and standard RDM commands
    Dimmer 0% à 100 %
    TLCI Typ.99
    Lux 1000lx at 1m (2800K) and 10600lx at 1m (6500K)

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