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Creamsource Micro+ Bender High CRI Essential Kit


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Outsight Creamsource Micro+ Bender LED Panel Essential Kit

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  • The Creamsource Micro is less than half the size of the Creamsource Mini+ weighing in at approximately 2.5kg. It features a rugged and waterproof design, with an IP65 rating which means it can be used in all weather. Light output is the same excellent quality as the rest of the Creamsource range, with colour temperature adjustable from 2700 to 6500K and a CRI/TLCI of greater than 90. Drawing only 80W, it rivals the light output and punch typical of some 200W HMI Luminaires. Unlike most bi-colour fixtures, the Micro maintains constant power output across the whole CCT range, so users always get the unit’s full potential, and there is no reason to have to choose between a bi-colour or daylight system.

    A key innovation of the Micro is its wide 10-32V operating voltage, allowing users to power the fixture from a single 90WH battery, or directly from a car. There are three main different rigging options: Quick
    release Yoke, Kino Flo Style Twist-on Mount, or single 5/8th Thread.

    Creamsource is a High Power LED luminaire designed for the Film and Television industries. Equally comfortable on location or in the studio, Creamsource is a truly versatile lighting tool.

    A large output area creates the unique quality of ‘wrapping’ your subject in soft light, while the powerful LED engine provides intensity and throw to rival a Small HMI fixture. Only Creamsource can provide this mix of light properties in such a compact form factor.

    Precision optics provide a consistent beam with naturally soft edges, while a wide selection of light control tools are available to shape and cut the beam to achieve exactly the look you require.

    Built in special effects including Strobe, Lightning and Timed Flash can be synchronised to camera shutter for advanced control.

    With exceptional build quality, it has been engineered for years of reliable service. Little wonder Creamsource is becoming an industry standard for lighting professionals around the world.

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